Industrial Railway & Industrial Museum – A Trip to the Technical History

Mladějov na Moravě, Czech Republic

Steam locomotives in Mladějov
Steam locomotives Krauss Linz No. 5 (build 1929) and No. 1 (build 1920) in Mladějov na Moravě

Eleven kilometres long Mladějov Industrial Railway with the narrow gauge of 600 mm was built for transportation of refractory clay and local coal at the end of World War I. It served well to its purpose till 1991 when the fireclay factory was closed up. Steam locomotives have never been replaced by diesel ones on this track.

Industrial Railway

In the announced operation days you can go round by regular museum trains powered by original steam locomotives. We strongly recommend ticket reservation for the visitors because of a train capacity.

Industrial Museum

All tourists are also invited to the Industrial Museum of Mladějov to visit the exhibition of rail, road, agricultural and construction machinery located in a former fireclay factory. The sight-seeing is commonly provided with a Czech commentary but German or English speaking guides are available.

Contact & Group travel

We offer special train rides for the closed groups of visitors (from 20 up to 125 adults) as well. These specific trains can be set out either as the passenger trains or as the freight ones for the photographers.

Please contact us for further details or booking.

Need more information? Contact us at mladejov zavináč mladejov tečka cz

Railway Operation Days & Timetables

01.01.2024Novoroční jízda
18.05.2024Jarní jízdy
01.06.2024Jarní jízdy
15.06.2024Historie v pohybu
29.06.2024Jarní jízdy
05.07.2024Sváteční jízdy
06.07.2024Sváteční jízdy
13.07.2024Letní jízdy
20.07.2024Letní jízdy
27.07.2024Letní jízdy
03.08.2024Letní jízdy
10.08.2024Letní jízdy
17.08.2024Letní jízdy
31.08.2024Letní jízdy
14.09.2024Podzimní jízdy
28.09.2024Den železnice

Museum Opening Hours

The museum is closed until May 1st, 2024.